Tips, Tricks and Gear

In this section, Wes along with other contributors share some of the tips and tricks they have learned throughout the years. As well, we will share product overviews, reviews and techniques we have learned.

Dead Release

EGO Coolers

Liquid Mayhem

Three-Way Rigging Lake Trout

Jigging Rockfish in the Pacific

Land More Fish

Post Spawn Walleye

Springtime Pike Strategies

Selecting the Right Lure

What colours are best?

Walleye & Lucky Bug Lures

Spoon Feed Them!

Quick & Easy Barbed Hooks to Barbless Hooks

Many waterbodies across North America are barbless hooks only meaning no barbs can be present on the hook while the hook or lure is being fished. Barbless hooks allow for easier catch & release of the fish which translates into safer and easier hook removal from the fish mouth. In many cases, it’s also safer and easier on the angler. Any angler that has had to remove a barbed hook from a part of their body knows what I’m talking about.

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