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About the show

Fishing the Wild West TV show, featuring Wes David, is a television series focused on informing, explaining, and teaching viewers localized information about fishing that is helpful and relative to anglers regardless of their level of experience. We are ready to educate anglers on how and what to use to be successful on the water not only in their region but in any region they choose to fish.

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Wes David

I spend a minimum of 125 days on the water each year fishing, videoing, photo shoots, and researching information for magazines, and conservation efforts. I’ve written magazine articles covering all freshwater species of fish and fishing for them and some saltwater species. Articles also cover wildlife and fisheries, fishing gear, outdoor youth, and future conservation.

Fishing the Wild West TV Episodes

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Tips, Tricks and Gear

Wes along with other contributors share some of the tips and tricks they have learned throughout the years. As well, we will share product overviews, reviews and techniques we have learned.


Wild Cookhouse

Lodges, Outfitters and Guides

We have the opportunity to spend time at many different lodges while filming the show, so here we would like to share the details of our stay. Please take time to check out what these great locations have to offer.