Fishing the Wild West TV Season 7

Fishing the Wild West TV Season 6 Episodes

Episode 1 - Bow Fishing for Carp

Wes combines archery and fishing and takes on shallow-water carp in southern Saskatchewan.

Episode 2 - Lake sturgeon on the NSR

Wes does battle in central Alberta on the North Saskatchewan River for lake sturgeon with Lunkers Fishing Adventures

Episode 3 - Rough Water Walleye

Wes spends a few days on Last Mountain Lake Saskatchewan, with Rob from G&S Marina, battling rough water conditions for spring walleye

Episode 4 - ADI Outpost Camps

Wes will break down all the different fishing adventures Adventure Destination International has to offer to anglers looking to set the hook on untouched fish

Episode 5 - Serengeti Fishing Charters

Join Wes as he takes advantage of rockfish, lingcod, and halibut on the northern tip of Vancouver Island with Serengeti Fishing Charters

Episode 6 - A Self-Guided Grand Slam with ADI

Watch as Wes chases the Grand Slam at Bills Lake in northern Saskatchewan for walleye, lake trout, Arctic grayling, and monster northern pike

Episode 7 - Last Mountain Lake Saskatchewan

After fishing some extreme conditions on Last Mountain Lake in the spring, Wes returns to take advantage of multiple species during the fall

Episode 8 - River walleye

Wes shows us some of his favorite techniques for catching river and current walleye

Episode 9 - Nordic Lodge

Wes takes advantage of a drive to guided fishing trip Nordic Lodge Saskatchewan, for walleye, lake trout, and monster northern pike

Episode 10 - Kayak Fishing 101

Wes gets a crash course on kayak fishing with AQ Outdoors and Jackson Kayak pro-staff Trever Thomson on a stocked trout pond & for walleye on Rolling Hills Reservoir

Episode 11 - Nonacho Lake Fishing Adventures

Wes books a Self-Guided fishing trip North of the 60th Parallel and does battle with the monster lake swimming within its depths of the 8th largest lake in the NWT

Episode 12 - Year-End Episode

Wes gives us a look at some of the highlights & unseen footage from the year.

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