Liquid Mayhem

I started using Liquid Mayhem in late fall (2019) for walleye and northern pike. While I had great success using Liquid Mayhem last fall, I didn’t want to give the product too much credit too quickly so I gave most of the credit to knowing the spots I was fishing from my past experience and the fall-turnover. However, six weeks into the 2020 open water fishing season and several different fish species, Liquid Mayhem has me convinced I will never cast, troll, or jig, another lure without first applying Liquid Mayhem.


Using Liquid Mayhem this spring, walleye, northern pike, bass, and rainbow trout have all been consistently caught, however, the real test was last week in British Columbia.

I was on the Fraser River in British Columbia catching, tagging, and releasing white sturgeon as part of the Fraser River Sturgeon Conservation Society with BC Sportfishing Group. At the time, the Fraser River was experiencing flood conditions and severe current flow, making the water extremely dirty even by the Fraser River standards. With four rods out the back of the boat each baited with cut bait, I applied Liquid Mayhem to the two inside baits and the two inside rods/baits caught all the sturgeon under these flood conditions for the next seven hours.

Two days later the saltwater on the west coast was no match for Liquid Mayhem. After three days of fishing with Serengeti Fishing Charters, all halibut 200-350 feet deep, lingcod 235 feet deep, a wide variety of rockfish 60-100 feet deep, and even lures trolled for Chinook Salmon couldn’t resist the presentations that were scented with Liquid Mayhem.

Liquid Mayhem. No Fish Can Resist.