EGO Coolers

I would give like to give a big shout-out to your Ego Coolers. I’ve used a lot of coolers in my day but I have quickly gained a great deal of confidence in Ego Coolers. Yes, they keep my lunch cold and my ready-made suppers cold and fresh when I’m traveling. However, the real test was last week when I traveled home 12 ½ hours from shooting a salmon episode on the west coast with my precious frozen salmon fillets within my Ego Coolers. By the 13-hour when I opened the cooler to put my fillets in the freezer, I was pleased to find they were still frozen solid as if I just took them out of the freezer. Truthfully, I don’t know a ton about coolers but the seal and quality of the zippers on your Ego Coolers is second to none that I’ve ever seen or used. It’s an honor to use Ego Coolers and I can speak confidently to outdoorsman/women about Ego Coolers!   

PS: If you’re wondering how much we trust Ego Dry Bags here is an example. Chuck, the Fishing the Wild West TV editor and lead cameraman has confiscated the 55L dry bag to protect the camera as we travel on rough water or storing the camera on the boat during rainy conditions. I have spent a great deal of money on equipment to protect our camera gear from water damage and the Ego 55L dry bag is what Chuck reaches for to protect our camera gear under harsh conditions.