Fishing the Wild West TV February 2024 Newsletter

October through February has been one of the busiest stretches for Fishing the Wild West TV’s (FtWWTV) nine-year existence. I don’t mean on-the-road shooting episodes busy, I mean office work, new projects, editing and delivering to networks, sports shows and seminars, and working with some amazing new products and companies.

Fishing the Wild West TV is now working with some more highly reputable outdoor companies that are or have been leading the way in the outdoor industry.

Millennium Outdoors took their award-winning tree-stand seats and has now taken the marine industry by storm. Millennium Marine is not only marine seats but also a variety of products for your boat that will make any boater or angler’s day on the water much more enjoyable and successful. 

Gamakatsu is much more than just quality hooks. Gamakatsu has everything from hooks to tackle storage and everything in between and FtWWTV is going to showcase an endless supply of Gamakatsu angling products that are made with the same quality and attention to detail as Gamakatsu hooks.

If you’re in the angling world then you have heard of or have used Humminbird electronics. Moving forward, Humminbird and Aqua-VU are the official electronics of FtWWTV. Our goal for our viewers with Humminbird is to continue to show how user-friendly Humminbird electronics are and to showcase what’s new in the world of Humminbird electronics so our viewers can make more accurate decisions on their next electronics purchase.

PK Lures is well known for its ice-fishing tackle, however, their open-water tackle, which is designed by a tournament walleye angler, is taking the open-water walleye angling world by storm. Tested in a wide variety of walleye water bodies across the northern U.S. and western Canada, FtWWTV will be showcasing various PK Lure products on the open water this season.        

In my opinion, Striker has the best ice-fishing and winter-wear clothing that I have ever used. However, in my opinion, what is overlooked is the Striker rainwear and UV wear. Striker rainwear is built to keep serious anglers warm, dry, and protected while fishing. From the highly breathable and lightweight Evolve raincoats and bibs to the waterproof and insulated Denali Insulated Rain Suit, Striker has a rain jacket or bib built to keep you fishing or whatever your outdoor activity may be in any weather conditions.

Fishing the Wild West TV will be working exclusively with BluWater Polarized Sunglasses which is a part of the Global Vision family and are designed for outdoorsmen/women. Whether you’re driving down the highway or back roads, cruising the lake, fishing, or just enjoying the sun, BluWater sunglasses have the eyewear that will enhance your outdoor experiences.

Old Cedar Outfitters has FtWWTV covered for all our tackle cabinetries, fishing rod storage, cutting boards, butcher stations, and tables. Old Cedar Outfitters has transformed my garage into a showroom and has made it quick and easy to organize and store my fishing gear.            

We are excited to announce that Hi Mountain Seasonings is the official seasoning of the Wild Cookhouse segment of FtWWTV. Anyone who hunts, fishes, and cooks their own game or catches Hi Mountain Seasonings needs no introduction. However, Hi Mountain Seasonings has a wide variety of products and for anyone who enjoys cooking domestic or wild game with quality seasonings Hi Mountain Seasonings has something for everyone and every culinary adventure.  

Fishing the Wild West TV season #7 is uploaded to My Outdoor TV (MOTV) with more seasons being uploaded soon. This is a true honor as FtWWTV is the only Canadian fishing show featured on MOTV.

The Calgary Boat & Outdoor Show February 9-11 was a huge success. The Calgary BMO Center was filled with avid outdoorsmen/women booking hunting and fishing trips, and purchasing hunting, fishing, and outdoor gear for the coming season, and my Tracker Targa V19 was showcased at the Wild TV Outdoor Stage where a variety of hunting and fishing seminars were held. Show season is one of my favourite times of the year. Where else can you talk with hundreds of avid outdoorsmen and women surrounded by the latest outdoor gear under one roof?

The next shows are the Red Deer Sports & Outdoor Show March 1-3. Edmonton Boat & Sportsmen’s Show March 14-17. Southern Alberta Outdoor Show April 5-7.

It’s time to drill a few holes and bring a few unsuspecting walleye through the ice!

Thank you all for your time and support!