Fishing the Wild West TV May 2023 Newsletter

It’s that time of the year again. The winter sport shows and seminar season went amazing and I truly enjoyed meeting and talking with thousands of people, anglers and non-anglers at the shows and Bass Pro Shops Spring Fishing Classics. I would also like to thank every one of you for watching Fishing the Wild West TV and for all your kind compliments and messages. However, it’s time to go outside and fish instead of standing inside talking about it!

During the month of February, we shot two amazing episodes of FtWWTV. One ice fishing episode for monster northern pike in shallow water on Crooked Lake, in southern Saskatchewan and the second episode on the Harrison and Fraser River, in British Columbia with BC Sportfishing Group for white sturgeon. We were catching and releasing prehistoric white sturgeon and working with the Fraser River Sturgeon Conservation Society (FRSCS) tagging program. Each sturgeon caught regardless of their size was tagged or scanned for an existing tag. The white sturgeon is the focus, and the tagging program is a major part of their monitoring and support program to protect the last remaining truly wild white sturgeon in the world. We have been working with BC Sportfishing Group and the FRSCS for 10 years, as a matter of fact, 10 years ago, we shot the first pilot episode of FtWWTV with Tony the owner of BC Sportfishing Group and over the years, we have shot five episodes promoting the Fraser River white sturgeon and the tagging program.

At this year’s 2023 Fraser River Sturgeon Conservation Society, Sturgeon Conservation Challenge, Gala, Dinner, and Auction held on Saturday, May 6, at the Coast Langley Hotel & Convention Center, in Langley BC, I was asked to give a speech on my experience of working with FRSCS and after my speech, I was Greatly surprised to be awarded the Leadership in Conservation – Legacy Award. This award is presented to an individual who has demonstrated a long-term commitment to conservation issues related to the Fraser River White Sturgeon. Long-term is defined by a minimum of eight years. It’s not often that I’m at a loss for words but it was a good thing I said my speech before being presented with this award. I was left speechless. It is truly an honor and a highlight in my career to be given this award by my peers.


If you have ever fished for a white sturgeon or fishing for white sturgeon is on your fishing bucket list, please help support the Fraser River Sturgeon Conservation Society.

The new 2023 Tracker Targa V-19 is equipped with a new set of Power-Pole, Aqua-Vu cameras, and the Tracker boat trailer is supporting a new RockGARD to protect everything. In early May we ran the Mercury Pro XS 225 through its break-in and by the time you’re reading this, we will be on the road/water somewhere in Saskatchewan shooting the 8th season of FtWWTV.   

We are very honored to say that Streamside Rods & Reels are the official rod and reel company of FtWWTV moving forward. Streamside has an incredible lineup of rods that can be matched up with a Streamside reel of your choice. Throughout the 2023 FtWWTV season, we will be casting, trolling, jigging, bottom-bouncing, and everything in between with Streamside rods & reels from panfish to Chinook salmon on the west coast, and they even have sturgeon rods and reels. Streamside Rods & Reels Keep You Fishing! 

I wish everyone an incredible fishing season and safe travels.

Thank you all for your time and support!