Fishing the Wild West TV February 2023 Newsletter

Wow, Fishing the Wild West TV is entering its 8th year of production. It has been an amazing journey and I can promise you, we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you. 

Starting Q1 of 2023, Fishing the Wild West TV, season 6, has begun airing on Wild TV, The Water Network, and 2 Stingray Television Networks. This is an additional 730,000 network subscribers and an additional 1.8M households reached. Yes, four new networks along with the existing five networks have signed with Fishing the Wild West TV. We are very excited about this as the conversation originally was started due to viewer’s requests. It has been in the works for a while and Fishing the Wild West TV, would like to thank all of our viewers and all the companies we work with that support Fishing the Wild West TV. Fishing the Wild West TV, season (7) is also now airing on all major networks including Sportsman Channel Canada and the World Fishing Network (WFN) and several cable networks.  

The Fishing the Wild West TV Podcast can now be found on Podbean, Spotify, and all their sister outlets, and we are now awaiting approval from Apple Podcast. The Fishing the Wild West TV Podcast provides a wide variety of angling, fisheries, fishing products, and angling tips & tricks, from angling pros and industry leaders and each podcast has something for everyone.

This year will mark my 10th year of working with Len Thompson Lures. Len Thompson Lures has been making its lures in Canada for over 90 years. I would think their most famous lure has to be the Five of Diamonds which is now also the world’s largest lure on display in Lacombe, Alberta, at the Len Thompson Kid’s Trout Pond. I was working with the Pallister family & Len Thompson Lures before I started Fishing the Wild West TV, and they were the first company I approached and jumped on board when I decided to produce Fishing the Wild West TV eight years ago. Although they are famous for the original Len Thompson Lures, be sure to check out the Len Thompson Dimpled Series and the Northern King Lures.

We are also excited to be working with a couple of new companies for the 2023 season. Thundermist Lure Company, out of Niagara Falls Ontario. I met one of the owners of Thundermist Lures during ICAST 2022, in Orlando Florida and as an angler who three-way rigs for lake trout and often Lindy Rigs for walleye, I was instantly drawn to Thundermist Lures T-Turn Three-way swivel. A conversation started and I was introduced to the entire family of Thundermist Lure products, and I am looking forward to putting Thundermist Lure products to the test on a variety of fish species this season.

Fishing the Wild West TV is also honored to be working with Canalta Hotels. Canalta Hotels is the official hotel of Fishing the Wild West TV. Canalta Hotels are located in rural communities across the prairie provinces and during the 2022 fishing season, I stayed at Canalta Hotels from Lac La Biche, Alberta, to Selkirk, Manitoba, and everywhere in between across the prairie provinces, and I can assure you, Canalta Hotels are not only family-friendly they’re also very angler friendly. I booked a room at the Canalta Hotel in Selkirk, Manitoba, and as soon as the manager saw I was pulling a boat, she told me exactly where to park to ensure I wouldn’t be blocked in the next morning so I could get on the water early. She also informed me that she would turn on the outdoor plug-ins normally used in the winter for plugging your vehicle in so I could charge my trolling motor batteries. These simple gestures towards an out-of-town angler and an amazing complimentary breakfast made my next three days on the water very rewarding and trouble-free. I had a very similar experience at a Canalta Hotel when I was fishing walleye in Lac La Biche, Alberta.  Whether you’re hunting, fishing, or just passing through, stay at a Canalta Hotel. They support outdoorsmen and women and I now believe Canalta Hotels are as important to my fishing trips as any lure in my tackle box.

Each year there’re always new boating products on the market and I often have the fortune of trying and field-testing many of these new products. However, each year, there are only one or two of these new products that stand out from the rest. CND Dock Shoxs is one of those products. CND Dock Shoxs, quickly, safely, and easily secures your boat to any dock. And, when not in use, Dock Shoxs take up very little storage space in my boat. CND Dock Shoxs makes docking your boat quick and easy and protects your boat from those nasty dock scratches and I truly believe no boat owner should be without a set of CND Dock Shoxs.  

I hope to see you at one or more of our stops at the Outdoor Sports Show, conservation events, and Bass Pro Shops/Cabela’s Spring Fishing Classics.

Thank you all for your time and support