Fishing the Wild West TV January 2022 Newsletter

Happy New Year from all of us at Fishing the Wild West TV!

We have been receiving some amazing ice fishing photos through email and Facebook Messenger and seeing even more amazing ice fishing photos on social media. We are chomping at the bit to hit the ice, but Chuck has had his hand’s full editing and delivering episodes to the networks, and I’ve been busy setting schedules and lining up the 2022 (season #7) of Fishing the Wild West TV. It’s hard to believe how much time is spent in the office producing an outdoor show.

Speaking of networks, we are happy to announce that along with Fishing the Wild West TV airing on Sportsman Channel Canada, The World Fishing Network, (WFN) and My Outdoor TV (MOTV), we have also signed agreements to air on The Home TV (HTTV), CITL & CKSA networks. Both the CITL & CKSA networks are a part of the Stingray Group and have a wide reach across Canada. This has greatly added to our workload but has greatly increased the exposure of Fishing the Wild West TV and our supporters and gives more viewers an opportunity to watch Fishing the Wild West TV.

New for 2022, Mustang Survival is the official Personal Floatation Device (PFD) of Fishing the Wild West TV. Mustang Survival has been keeping boaters and anglers safe and saving lives since 1967 and we are honored to be working with this amazing company.

I’m also very honored and proud to be entering my 11th year as an ambassador with Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s, and Tracker Boats. I was working with Bass Pro Shops and Tracker Boats Pre-Fishing the Wild West TV and without hesitation, along with Len Thompson Lures, iA Private Wealth, Bass Pro Shops and Tracker Boats were the first companies to get on board when I announced seven years ago that I was going to produce Fishing the Wild West TV. An additional bonus was after the Bass Pro and Cabela’s merger, I was fortunate to also become a part of the Cabela’s team.  

Fishing the Wild West TV Podcasts are doing extremely well, and we have a great lineup of guests this season. We started off with a very informative podcast with Kolt Ringer, president of Outdoor Insite Aqua-Vu and followed by Jeff Gustafson, the Knoxville TN Bass Master Classic winner. We have many more informative guests lined up to talk about fishing tips, techniques, products, conservation and what’s new in the fishing industry for the 2022 season.

Along with informative podcasts, we will be shooting a couple of ice fishing episodes this winter which has been requested from our viewers. I’m also excited to be giving fishing seminars (Tips & Tricks for Walleye on Rivers, Lakes and Reservoirs) at the Edmonton Boat & Sportsmen’s Show on March 17-20, and the Parkland Outdoor Show & Expo on April 2-3. I attended ICAST 2021 in July, and along with the buzz of ICAST, the greater buzz was getting back to face-to-face communication, shaking hands, and talking about everything outdoors with fellow outdoorsmen and women. And I expect the same excitement will be at these two great outdoor sports shows!    

I would like to give a heartfelt thank you to all the companies we work with. Like everyone, all these companies have had a lot of challenges over the last two years, and we are very fortunate to once again be working with them. Everyone we work with is the foundation of Fishing the Wild West TV. If it wasn’t for you/them, Fishing the Wild West TV would not be possible. 

Thank you all for your time and support!