Fishing the Wild West TV October 2021 Newsletter

Well, that’s a wrap! On September 26-28, we shot a complete multi-species episode for walleye, northern pike and carp on Last Mountain Lake, Saskatchewan with Rob Schultz the owner of G&S Marina & Outfitters out of Rowan’s Ravine Provincial Park and Daryl Demoskoff the Fish/Hunt Media Relations with Tourism Saskatchewan, completing the shooting of season 6 of Fishing the Wild West TV.

Rob grew up on his family farm only a casting distance away from Last Mountain Lake and has been fishing and guiding on Last Mountain Lake since he was old enough to reel in a walleye. We were fortunate to have good weather, great fishing, and Daryl having the opportunity to take a couple of days off from his busy schedule to join us. Daryl is a very humble guy and will probably be embarrassed after reading this, but after working with Daryl and Tourism Saskatchewan for the last four years, I truly understand why Saskatchewan has some of the best hunting and freshwater fishing in the world. Tourism Saskatchewan and the province of Saskatchewan has a great understanding and recognizes the importance of hunting and fishing in Saskatchewan and supports and welcomes hunters and anglers from around the world to hunt and fish in the province of Saskatchewan.

Every year at the end of the season I get asked. What was your favorite trip or highlight of the year? Truthfully, I always struggle to answer the question because there are so many great adventures and I get to see so many breathtaking things and meet so many amazing people. However, I’m always proud that I (1) represented my sponsors and supporters professionally and respectfully. And (2), that Chuck and I made it through another year. This season especially was a real grind with many highs and lows.

This season Chuck and I dealt with a lot of last-minute schedule changes. Due to the devastating forest fires in British Columbia, we had three episodes postponed until the 2022 season. COVID restrictions, weather and fishing is fishing, it doesn’t always come easy. Truthfully, if you want to spend more time fishing, don’t own a production company that produces a fishing show.

My greatest highlight of season 6 came on August 20-25, at Bills Lake, Saskatchewan. Bills Lake is one of 12 self-guided fly-out fishing adventures with Adventure Destination International (ADI). I flew into Bills Lake out of Thompson’s Resort, in Missinipe Saskatchewan, with one goal in mind. To complete the Bills Lake Grand Slam Challenge. The Grand Slam Challenge consists of an angler catching a walleye, 40-inch northern pike, lake trout and Arctic grayling. I was fortunate to have completed the Bills Lake Grand Slam on the second day of our adventure. The fishing as a whole that I experienced at Bill’s Lake was hands-down, the best freshwater multi species fishing I’ve ever experienced in my career. This was my ultimate trip of a lifetime! 

If you’re looking for your next freshwater fishing adventure, contact ADI. They can put any adventure package together regardless of the angler or group of anglers you’re looking for. And, if you want to be pampered with an all-inclusive package, ask about the Twin Falls Lodge experience.

I often get asked what we do during the winter months? Winter is one of our busiest times of the year. We do a bit of hunting during October and November, but there is no real downtime. The first six episodes of Fishing the Wild West TV have to be cut, edited, and delivered to all networks by the first week of December. The remaining seven episodes will be cut, edited, and delivered to networks by the first week of February. My production company, Bullets & Bait Ltd, is also involved in other projects, such as webpage design and development, production of commercials, and TV sound/video work, etc. Not to mention lining everything up for the 7th season of Fishing the Wild West TV. We are always up to something.

Last fall we started producing the Fishing the Wild West TV podcast in December and ran it until the first week of May. The Fishing the Wild West TV podcast has done very well and we started releasing new podcasts in September. Fishing Wild the West TV podcasts air every second Thursday through Podbean, links on social media, and you can find them on our webpage.

Right now, we are running six ice fishing podcasts brought to you by Tourism Saskatchewan, and Travel Manitoba. Whether we like it or not, summer is behind us and the ice fishing season is right around the corner and the provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba are welcoming all anglers to spend some time fishing the hard-water this ice fishing season.

I’m also very happy to say, that I have been booked to give fishing seminars at a variety of outdoor sports shows starting in January. Not only am I excited to be back on stage sharing some of my fishing experiences with you, but I’m excited that the sports shows are back and that means talking with fellow anglers, looking at the latest outdoor products, booking fishing trips and many other small businesses can get back to the shows. I love talking about everything outdoors with other outdoorsmen/women. I attended ICAST 2021 in July in Orlando, Florida, and the buzz around ICAST wasn’t only about ICAST being back, the biggest buzz was being back to face-to-face communication, and I expect that will be the same buzz at this winter’s outdoor sports shows.

I hope to see you all at the outdoor sports shows in your area. Outdoor sports shows are a great place to book a fishing trip with a fishing guide or at a fishing lodge. Remember, they’re a small business with the added pressure of being a seasonal business and we need to support them.

Thank you all for your time and support!