Fishing the Wild West TV july 2020 Newsletter

Hello everyone, I hope all is well.

I know COVID-19 has been a real kick in the seat of the pants for all of us and if 2020 was a golf game I would really like a mulligan.

Although Fishing the Wild West TV (FtWWTV) had some spring trips postponed and moved to September, we are actually in really good shape and weather pending we will be done shooting episodes, sponsor obligations, commercials, and everything else by the third week of September. Here is hoping!

This may seem like enough time but the truth is, we will be on the road and water right up until that time with very little time spent at home. How it really works for FtWWTV is we are committed to the TV networks well before we ever shoot an episode and most of the American shows have eight or nine months to shoot their episodes and everything that goes with shooting episodes and production. This year, Fishing the Wild West TV, only has 5 ½ months to shoot 15 episodes, 6 commercials, conservation commitments, sponsor obligations, and many other projects that have been delayed due to COVID-19 and a late start. However, at this time, we have five completed episodes in the bank and I’m packing the Cam Clark Ford and Tracker Boat to hit the road next week to shoot episodes 6 & 7. We are 100% committed to filling our sponsor obligations and supporting our sponsors and supporters in every way possible. In saying that, please feel free to reach out.

Due to the late start, we started the season off with something very unique. Fishing stocked trout ponds. It was something I wanted to do for a while but was a little nervous as I needed to keep a stocked trout pond episode exciting. We showed the importance of stocked trout ponds and how conservation-minded outdoorsman and women and hunting and fishing clubs play key roles in thousands of stocked ponds throughout North America. They say that in the 21st century, 90% of young and new anglers catch their first fish and get their start at a stocked fishing pond, so we put a very heavy educational twist on fishing stocked trout ponds in the hopes of teaching not only new anglers how to catch and release fish at a stocked pond, but also to help teach parents and guardians how to teach their kids how to fish stocked trout ponds. It came out amazing and I’m very excited to air the episode.     

We also had the pleasure of fishing with Serengeti Fishing Charters on beautiful British Columbia’s west coast. Fishing with David JR and Serengeti Fishing Charters is always exciting with non-stop action and we believe we captured one of the best Chinook salmon episodes ever. We had multiple double-headers of 25lbs salmon jumping six-feet out of the water. The excitement on the boat equaled that of a rodeo and we caught it all on camera. If that wasn’t enough excitement, we jigged light walleye rods/reels with Spinnows from Buzz Bomb Tackle for a variety of rockfish in 72 feet of water. Skill and equipment were tested with every hook-up.

However, what really made this trip special was we were able to get Steve Jeffries from RockGARD and his lovely wife out of the office and on the water for three days!

On our trip to British Columbia, we had the pleasure of spending some time with Sophie, the owner of Lucky Bug Lures, and took the opportunity to shoot a gear talk at the Lucky Bug Lure factory. And just a hint, Sophie’s husband Robert owns and operates Heights Coffee CO. So, when you order your next batch of your favorite Lucky Bug Lures order some Height’s Coffee, and have it sent with your lure order, I promise you will be glad you did.

After spending two hours on the BC Ferry, we were across the Pacific Ocean and took advantage of touring the Buzz Bomb Tackle factory in Courtenay BC. We took advantage of shooting a show opener and a gear talk with Tim but I think the real thrill of the trip was meeting Gaia, Tim’s lovely wife, and as any married man knows, the boss of the operation. I’ve worked with Buzz Bomb Tackle for two years but this was the first time I had the pleasure of meeting Gaia. Amazing people and company and all Buzz Bomb products can be purchased in your local Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s.

After a short stop at home, we headed to northern Saskatchewan, to Thompson’s Resort for another self-guided fly-out fishing adventure with Adventure Destination International (ADI). Shallow water lake trout was our goal as very few fishing shows target early season lake trout and there is nothing like consistent hookups of 10-20 pound lake trout in water as shallow as eight feet. We completed our goal using Len Thompson Lures, Lucky Bug Lures, Buzz Bomb Tackle, and SteelShad, and of course, all lures were touched up with Liquid Mayhem. It’s going to be a great episode. We had the pleasure of meeting many new faces at Thompson’s Resort & Adventure Destination International, and you could see the passion and determination in every face all striving to achieve the same goals. Making your time and experience a trip of a lifetime. It’s a real pleasure to be working with all of them!

Finally, after fishing the product for several years, it’s an honor to be working with Big Bite Baits. Big Bite Baits is now the official soft plastics of Fishing the Wild West TV and I will be shooting a walleye episode with Big Sky Jigs and Big Bite Baits as soon as I hit send on this email.

Thank you all for your time and support. If it wasn’t for you, Fishing the Wild West TV would not be possible!!!

Wes David