Fishing the Wild West TV october 2020 Newsletter

Well, it’s already October and the leaves and landscape are changing to the beautiful colors of fall. Despite the crazy year, Fishing the Wild West TV (FtWWTV) completed shooting all of our episodes, commercials, social media clips, and a wide variety of other obligations were met despite the compressed and challenging year.

Due to the springs travel restrictions and poor weather conditions, we had a late start and we were behind the 8-ball right out of the gate. From May 29th to June 21st, we had three days at home. However, our most demanding schedule was from August 15 to September 19 when we only had five days to spend at home with family and friends. On this stretch, we also spent 21 days in the province of Saskatchewan, and 20 of them we had to wear our Cabela’s Guidewear Rain Suit. This much time in the rain was hard on camera equipment and our patients, but we managed to push through and shot three incredible fishing episodes.

With a couple of thousand kilometers put on the Cam Clark Ford F-150 and the Tracker Targa launched at six lakes and one river system during the final push to the finish line, we completed shooting episode #13 with Chillbilly Sportfishing Charters in beautiful  Castlegar British Columbia on the Columbia River fishing for walleye and world-class rainbow trout. Chillbilly Sportfishing Charters and Destination Castlegar rolled out the red carpet for FtWWTV and we couldn’t have asked for a better community and location to complete our season. We would also like to give a special thank you to the Lions Head Pub, Tailout Brewing, Humble Bean, and the Sandman Inn. These were all incredible companies to work with surrounded by amazing community support! We will definitely be returning to Castlegar BC.

Season #6 of FtWWTV is already 60% full. We will be shooting 13 new and exciting episodes of FtWWTV and are excited to be returning to one of the best walleye and northern pike locations I have ever fished in my life. We will be returning for a self-guided Trip of a Lifetime to Bill’s Lake with Adventure Destination International (ADI) in northern Saskatchewan. Bill’s Lake is where I caught my largest northern pike 52-inches but while shooting the episode, we caught and released so many large northern pike we were culling 40-inch pike off the episode. Multiple 40 to 50-inch northern pike were caught and released in every bay of Bill’s Lake and I can’t wait to fish this untouched lake in 2021. Adventure Destination International is also hoasting two Fish with Wes David events July 01-04, and August 18-21, at their brand-new Twin Falls Lodge. Chuck and I will be at the beautiful new Twin Falls Lodge relaxing, telling fishing stories, eating like kings, and fishing with Twin Falls Lodge guests. We had a sneak-peak this year at the new Twin Falls Lodge and I’m truly looking forward to being pampered after a long day of fishing next summer.

We will also be taking part in some of the exciting winter adventurers Thompson’s Resort has to offer and now is the time to think about a winter family vacation. Remember, Thompson’s Resort offers one-stop year-round adventures.

New on Fishing the Wild West TV

We are excited to bring you a new segment this fall on Fishing the Wild West TV called The Wild Cookhouse. The Wild Cookhouse was brought on by popular viewer requests about cooking and recipes for wild game and fresh & saltwater fish dishes. This segment is brought to you by Wild West Seasonings  and is sure to peak the culinary interests and tastebuds of those watching!   

It’s with popular demand, the Conservation Talk brought to you by Bryan Muir with IA Securities will be returning for its 5th season. The Conservation Talk showcases what everyday hunters, anglers, farmers, and ranchers are doing and have been doing for a 100-years to protect our wildlife, fisheries, and environment across the country and around the world. Fishing the Wild West TV are conservation-minded individuals and believe that everyday hunters, anglers, farmers, and ranchers, are some of the best conservation-minded individuals out there. Bryan Muir with IA Securities is also a conservation-minded individual and also believes that hunters, anglers, farmers, and ranchers put more of their own time, sweat, and money into protecting our natural resources than many people realize and has been on board since day-one with FtWWTV to help get this message across.

At this time, many of our viewers will be gearing up for the fall hunting season. We at Fishing the Wild West TV wish you the best of luck and please, be safe in the field and on the water. And when you need that little snack to give you a boost of energy, reach for an excellent source of protein like a bag of Big Chief Jerky