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Bow River Blog, Calgary, AB

When you mention the mighty Bow River my first thought is world class fly fishing. However, Mike Robertson, the owner of Bowriver Blog introduced me to the world of crankbait fishing the river for the spectacular rainbow trout and brown trout that swim within the Bow River. We fished the river from the comforts of Mike’s riverboat amongst the rustic beauty of the Bow River casting crankbaits to key locations along the river’s edge. This trip showed me how much of a predator gamefish rainbow trout and brown trout truly are and I can’t wait to hit the river again with Mike in the spring.

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Reel Angling Adventures, Athabasca, AB

There’s nothing like fishing in the fall of the year. However, I just had one of the most amazing multiple species river fishing adventures of my life with Ray Kohlruss, the owner of Reel Angling Adventures. I spent two days with Ray on the Athabasca River system fishing and catching huge walleye, burbot, goldeye, and although we didn’t target them, we could have also caught large northern pike within the Athabasca River. The trip comes with it all, great accommodations at the Super 8 only five minutes from the dock, shore lunch, quality fishing gear, and amazing river fishing. I can’t wait to get out with Ray on one of the many lakes he guides on next summer, and if I can’t wait that long I’ll book a day of ice fishing with him.

Codfather Charters Port Hardy, BC

Looking for a mixed bag of halibut, rockfish, salmon, and Coho, book a west coast adventure with Codfather Charters. We flew out of Calgary, Alberta, to Comox, British Columbia, and made the breathtaking short drive up to Port Hardy. After getting settled in, the next morning we were hooking into Chinook and Coho Salmon. Over Fishing the Wild West TV’s three-day stay with Codfather Charters, we also landed a variety of rockfish, halibut, and even set a few crab traps.

Alberta Fish N Trips Gull Lake, Alberta

Fishing the Wild West TV had the opportunity in August to fish with Mitch Lilly, the owner of Alberta Fish N Trips. After meeting Mitch at the Sandy Point Resort marina on Gull Lake Alberta, we launched the Tracker boat and made a short trip out of the marina and to the first fishing hole. We sent our Big Sky jigs down tipped with a frozen minnow and within five minutes, we were landing walleye. In a short time, we lost count of how many walleye we landed ranging from two pounds to seven pounders. The guiding service, marina, and walleye fishing were second to none.

Fishing the Wild West shot a monster pike episode at Black Bear Island Lodge in Northern Saskatchewan in July. What an amazing lodge located in the middle of some breathtaking country full of Canadian history along the Churchill River system. Aside from the amazing accommodations, food, and staff, is some of the largest & most feared pike you will ever set the hook on. Doing battle with 40 to 50-inch northern pike several times a day and even several times an hour can be expected. And once your arms get sore from fighting monster pike, Black Bear Island Lodge also has some amazing walleye fishing. Regardless of the size, 200 fish days and more are common at  Black Bear Island Lodge.

Black Bear Island Lodge, Saskatchewan

We just spent an amazing 3-days shooting 2-episodes in northern Saskatchewan, with Desi & Derrick, the owners of Lloyd Lake Lodge. We caught & released over 200 walleye, northern pike, lake trout, and Artic Grayling and aside from the amazing fishing, we enjoyed a shore lunch every afternoon and ate gourmet meals at the 5-star lodge every evening. It was a true multiple species fishing vacation of a lifetime.

Lloyd Lake Lodge, Saskatchewan

Fishing the Wild West had an amazing trip with Freak Fishin & Tours in southern Alberta, Canada, fishing for lake sturgeon on the legendary Oldman River system. Along with catching prehistoric lake sturgeon, Scott, the owner of Freak Fishin & Tours, is a trained & qualified sturgeon tagger as part of the Alberta Environment & Parks Lake Sturgeon Recovery Plan and during our adventure with Scott, I was fortunate enough to not only catch & release several sturgeon, tagged and not tagged, but I was able to witness several sturgeon tagged and released to tell their story next week or a 100-years from now.

Southern Alberta Sturgeon

I just had the good fortune of scratching another fishing destination off my bucket list. Since I can remember I always wanted to fish Lake of the Woods Ontario, and during the month of May, myself and the team from Wild Guide Magazine spent three days fishing the lake. Lake of the Woods is more than seventy miles long and has more than 14,000 islands and 105,000 km of shoreline. Lake of the Woods is world-renowned for being an amazing multiple species fishing destination. Fishing The Wild West TV  had the good fortune of catching six different fish species and often without moving more than 500 yards. Crappie, smallmouth bass, northern pike, yellow perch, sauger, and walleye were all caught and released during our trip. The lake is also well known for giant musky, however, the musky season wasn’t open at the time of our trip but that only means I have to plan another trip east to fish Lake of the Woods.

Lake of the Woods, Ontario

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