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Bass Pro Shops & Tracker Boats


I’ve had the good fortune of working with Bass Pro Shops & Tracker Boats for the last five years and the confidence I have hunting and fishing with quality gear has made all the difference in my hunting, fishing, shooting the show Fishing the Wild West, and tournament angling.

Sandy Point Resort


Sandy Point offers a spectacular “Year Round” lifestyle on the shores of Gull Lake in Central Alberta. Imagine just steps from your home, a wonderful lake for boating and fishing, a beach with all the sand you need, an 18 hole golf course (under construction), walking trails and a daily fee campground for your family and friends.

Adventure Destinations International


Adventure Destinations International connects visitors from around the world with outstanding experiences. ADI owns and operates Twin Falls Lodge, Thomson’s Camps Otter Lake Resort, four outpost camps and five secluded fly-in fishing lakes. ADI is a division of PIC Investment Group, a venture capital investment company. Visit www.picgroup.ca for more information.

Len Thompson & Northern King Lures


Len Thompson manufactures their lures in Lacombe, Alberta, Canada and has been making quality lures since 1929. Still, to this day, each and every Len Thompson lure is hand painted assuring a quality lure is hitting the water with each cast. I’ve fished with a Len Thompson Lure (5 of diamonds) since I was 6-years old. Since then, I’ve written several magazine articles featuring the lures and I’ve had nothing but confidence each time I tie a Len Thompson lure on the end of my line and make a cast.

Tourism Saskatchewan


Throughout the years I have written many magazine articles and columns about the amazing hunting & fishing in Saskatchewan. However, I was honored when Tourism Saskatchewan was the first to join Fishing the Wild West TV. A province with over 100,000 water bodies to fish for a variety of freshwater fish species and breathtaking landscape, I spend as much time in Saskatchewan as I possibly can.

Big Sky Flies & Jigs


Big Sky Flies is a provider of quality handmade fishing products including jig head, fly fishing flies, and other lures for all species of fish.

Wild Guide


Wild Guide magazine is Canada’s essential hunting & fishing resource. Founded by two passionate outdoorsmen, Brad and Tony, along with a variety of outdoor writers work diligently to bring Canadian hunters and anglers throughout Canada the hunting, fishing, and outdoor information they are looking for.



The RockGARD™ is a patented trailer rock guard to greatly reduce road-tar and damage caused by rocks and road debris. It is easy to install and remove for safe access when launching your boat.There are many sizes and configurations available, so the RockGARD will work for almost any boat and trailer. RockGARD™ line also includes the BellyGARD and RockGARD Mudflap systems for added protection while trailering.


Lyman Lures


Lyman’s Handmade Wooden Fishing Lures. Lyman Lures fishing plugs are designed to imitate the erratic action of injured fish. The buoyancy and the weight distribution of the lure creates a darting action that has not been achieved in other fishing lures.


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