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Fishing the Wild West

Fishing the Wild West TV show was created out of the request of Western Canadian and Northern U.S. anglers. With a variety of fishing TV shows covering eastern Canada and the central and the southern US, northern U.S. and western Canada were left with very little to nothing covering their areas and fish species. Fishing the Wild West TV show originally was only going to cover the western province’s water bodies and the fish species within them. However, the show gained such popularity in its first year of shooting, the Northern U.S. states from New York to the northern tip of California has become a part of Fishing the Wild West request for shooting 2017 episodes.

 As we approach the 2017 fishing season, fishing will no doubt again be a popular Western Canada and Northern U.S., fun and affordable way to enjoy the great outdoors.  Fishing the Wild West TV show, featuring Wes David, is a television series focused on informing, explaining, and teaching viewers localized information about fishing that is helpful and relative to anglers regardless of their level of experience. We are ready to educate anglers on how and what to use to be successful on the water not only in their region but in any region they choose to fish.


About Wes

I spend a minimum of 125 days on the water each year fishing, videoing, photo shoots, and researching information for magazines, and conservation efforts. I’ve written magazine articles covering all freshwater species of fish and fishing for them and some saltwater species. Articles also cover wildlife and fisheries, fishing gear, outdoor youth, and future conservation.

I’m currently hosting and co-producing Fishing the Wild West TV show which will begin airing December 2016, on Wild TV, The World Fishing Network, and 12 local cable channels across western Canada and the northern US states.

I compete in walleye tournaments in Alberta, Saskatchewan and the U.S, each year and put on thousands of Kilometres/miles each year traveling to fishing tournaments throughout Canada and the U.S, charity organisations and events, appearances, seminars, and speaking to youth organisations.

During 2016, I fished in most of the Canadian provinces and many U.S. states including the Hawaiian Islands for a variety of saltwater fish. I’m currently a pro staff member and sponsored by Bass Pro Shops, Tracker Boats, Len Thompson Lures, Lyman Lures and Hollis Wealth. In 2009, I founded the Airdrie Hunting & Fishing Association which has become the fastest growing hunting & fishing club/association in the western provinces. I served two terms as president, one term as director at large, and I’m currently the fishing chair. I work closely with Ducks Unlimited and Delta Waterfowl and have written articles for both organizations. I also sat 3 terms on the board of directors for the Outdoor Writers of Canada (OWC) as the Western Director. I believe in promoting and educating conservation for both fisheries and wildlife.

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